Type of movement

Type of movement

Quartz movement

Here, a crystal is used whose frequency controls the accuracy of the watch. These are battery-powered movements which are very precise and show little deviation. Battery life depends on many factors, but is usually about two years.

Quartz – benefits:
1. Accuracy
2. Impact resistance
3. No need for winding (the movement is powered by a battery)

Mechanical movement

In mechanical movements, we distinguish between manual or automatic winding. Manual winding movements can only be wound manually using the crown. In contrast, in automatic or self-winding watches, the movement is wound by a weight located on the rotor which winds the spring as it rotates with the natural movement of the hand. The spring is protected against over-winding by a slip clutch. Of course, even automatic watches can be wound by hand.

Automatic watches – benefits:
1. The amazing history of mechanics that led to the creation of a perfect machine that needs no electricity
2. Durability
3. Once taken off, a watch will stop after the reserve is depleted – by depositing it in an automatic watch winder, however, the watch will never stop

Chronograph function

The chronographic function is one of the most popular clockwork “complications” (i.e. additional functions) and their design is also a source of fascination from an aesthetic point of view. The word chronograph literally means “time writer”. Chronographs are watches with the ability to precisely measure selected periods of time, i.e., they have an integrated stopwatch function. Chronographs are usually controlled by two crowns.

They can have a quartz or mechanical movement (with either manual or automatic winding). Mechanical chronographs are generally physically higher than simpler watches because the more complicated movement takes up more space inside the watch case. Every year, we offer a mechanical chronograph in a limited PRIM series.


The royalty of watchmaking complications is the tourbillon. This is a mechanism that compensates for the influence of gravity on the accuracy of watch movements. It is a mechanical anchor mechanism, located inside a movable platform with centralized inertia, which rotates around its own axis once a minute, thereby providing a change in the position of the flywheel relative to the Earth’s core. This is one of the “high” clockwork complications of so-called Haute Horlogerie. It was invented by A. L. Breguet in 1795. Tourbillon watches are only offered by high-quality watch brands, and are indicative of the brand’s standards.


PRIM watches are designed and assembled directly at the headquarters of our company. We both create our own watch parts and we cooperate with our global partners, who we are certain deliver the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art, technologically demanding components. Our partners are the biggest companies in the world, using state-of-the-art and the highest precision technologies.

Movement brands

Movement brands

Swiss Made

Ronda is an independent Swiss clockwork manufacturer that has its production facilities in Switzerland and Asia. They produce high-quality quartz and mechanical movements whose designs and parameters are constantly being developed. This is one of the reasons they are used as partners by many producers around the world.

Citizen Miyota

Founded in 1918, Citizen is one of the world’s largest and most respected world-leading manufacturers of watches, fine mechanics and electronics (although used by different brands, their movements are always named Miyota).

Swiss Made

A Swiss manufacturer that produces high-quality mechanical movements bearing the name “Swiss Made”. The motto of the company is: “We combine quality, advanced mechanics with Swiss craftsmanship”.

Seiko – TMI

The company was founded by Kintaró Hattori in 1881. Seiko is one of the few fully integrated watch manufacturers – designing and developing their own movements using state-of-the-art technology. Under the Seiko brand, innovative solutions were introduced for electronic watches. In 1969, the company produced its first quartz watches and went on to launch the first quartz chronograph in the following years. The famous automatic chronograph “Seiko 6139” was introduced in 1969.


The group was founded in 1955 and holds the title of the largest manufacturer of mechanical movements in the world. Sea-Gull represents a tradition of production, experience in clockwork, a strong technical background and the technical development of CNC machines for custom-made production. Sea-gull has been awarded an A in the value measurement class and received complete ISO 9001.2000 certification for its quality management and reliability of testing.


– in cooperation with Swiss manufacturer

Working with a company that manufactures movements for companies like the Fossil group has opened the door to huge possibilities. We offer you the originality and quality you can find in world brands and from now on in PRIM watches.

In 2006, a small group of entrepreneurs decided to develop mechanical movements and produce them in Switzerland. In accordance with the motto “powered by passion, powered innovations”, fascinating mechanical movemetns of superior quality have been created and are manufactured on the most modern assembly lines at the headquarters of the company in Switzerland.